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Chairman's Statement

Energy is not just what we do our business in across all our operations, it is more importantly what drives us, along with enthusiasm and teamwork, to deliver the maximum of our potential.

NatEnergy as a holding company has integrated all its ongoing Energy and Gas activities under one, unified umbrella, and to hence creating more integrated history and dominating effect in the market.

Currently NatEnergy subsidiaries have a significant role in the fields of Gas transmission, distribution and applications as well as in power generation and distribution in addition to the provision of O&M services in these fields in Egypt and MENA region in the near future.
Our objective is to sustain the growth and development of our business to cover the MENA region in the near future. We are commitment to strengthen NatEnergy corporate values to enhance our contribution to our shareholders and society.

Our professional culture is one where teamwork is encouraged and excellence is rewarded. We promote creativity and innovation – recognizing opportunity investments when we see them. Successfully combining experience, talent and hard work, NatEnergy assembles resources, reduces financial risks while approaching opportunities in its most simple, cost-effective and committed terms. The result is a growing portfolio of impressive and diversified investment properties in the Energy and Gas industries.
By striving to establish and strengthen partnerships, particularly with energy related firms and suppliers, we will continue to create more opportunities to be involved in new projects and diversify risks to optimize our portfolio.

We are constantly improving our expertise and technologies in the fields of our business in order to increase our performance as well as our quality and safety measures.
The key to our success rests with the partnerships with the National and International firms, clients and contractors that we were able to develop over the years based on mutual trust, sound business ethics and long-term commitment. On keeping such business pillars, we continue NatEnergy's growth through increasing market share, acquisitions, and expanding geographically.
Dr. Samir Farag
Chairman & Managing Director